Download Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Latest v 2022 Unlimited Coins


Download Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Coins/ Money, and Unlocked Everything).
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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod apk for android is available is to download. You may think about why you need the modded version? This modded version gives you a number of features that will increase your interest in this game. These features include unlimited money, free shopping, unlocked all levels, and many more.

The money is the currency of this game that is necessary to purchase various items such as the new characters. You also need to do the shopping for your characters so that you can have good equipment for your characters. Angry birds star wars mod apk also allows you to do unlimited shopping and keep your characters upgraded.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Apk Mod Features

The hacked version comes with different features. Some of these features are listed below.

Unlimited Coins

As I already discussed, money or coins is the major currency of this game. You need to pay for the different things that you purchase in the game. You also have to upgrade your characters. The characters become more powerful after the update. So, you must have to keep your character upgraded. For this purpose, you can download angry birds star wars 2 mod apk from our site. This will help you to win the wars.

Unlocked All Levels

There are different levels in this game. You may want to play a particular level. In the original game, the levels of this game are locked. It means you cannot play a level until you unlock that level. A level is unlocked when you finish the previous level. But in angry bird star wars 2 mod apk, you will get all the levels unlocked.

Unlimited Free Shopping

You may want to customize your character. For this purpose, you need different kinds of accessories for your character. For example, you can update the hairs of your character. You can buy the new hair from the shop but in the original version, you can’t do free shopping. Download angry bird star wars 2 mod apk for unlimited free shopping.

No Ads

One of the annoying parts of any game is the ads that are played during the gameplay. You may don’t want any ads during the gameplay. This is possible with our angry birds star wars 2 hack apk. You will enjoy the game without watching any ads.


Angry Bird Star Wars 2 Apk has beautiful and simple gameplay that addicts its players. There are different characters that you love. You have to choose your character first and then the main part of this game comes where you have to participate in the fights. There are the naughty pigs that are your enemies. These pigs want to steal your eggs and you have to secure these eggs. In this way, the fight will begin with these pigs. You should also play WWE Undefeated Mod Apk.

Download angry birds star wars 2 mod apk that gives unlimited coins that you can use for upgrading your characters and making them more powerful. This will help you to become a powerful player in this game.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Gameplay

Enjoy Pork Side

The interesting feature of the angry birds game star wars 2 is that it allows you to play the pork side. This can be the dream of many players of angry birds. The players want to enjoy this side of the angry birds star wars apk and now this is possible. The players can enjoy the exciting villain roles of Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and many more.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Pork Side

Apk Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Heroes

The game is full of heroes that have their own unique abilities. The abilities of your hero will decide your victory in this game. However, your playing strategy will also matter in this game. Each player of this game can select his hero according to his interest.

Switch Characters during Fights

As I already discussed, there are different characters in this game. But you need to select your most powerful character for the fight. What if you fail to select your most powerful hero for the fight? No need to worry then, the game gives you the option to select any unlocked character during the fight.

Are you worried about the locked characters? We also have its solution. Download angry birds star wars 2 mod apk that has all the characters unlocked.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Characters

Interesting Levels with Rewards

The game has many interesting levels where each level is connected with the previous level. You can only play the next level when you complete the previous level. Download angry birds star wars mod apk to get all the levels unlocked in advance so that you can play any level.

The best thing is, you get a reward whenever you complete a level. These exciting rewards motivate you to keep up the playing.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk Levels

Telepods Feature

This is one of the best features of this game that attracts the players. You can take the picture of any real character to generate your game character. For example, you can open the camera and make your picture to create a character that looks like you. In this way, the player can create his imaginary character for this game.

Online Gameplay

You can play the game online with your friends to decide who is the real champion. If you have the courage to fight with players all around the world then you can also play with any player from the world. You will get special rewards if you get a higher position on the leaderboard.

Visual and Sound Quality

The beautiful graphics of the game makes it more interesting for the players. The visual quality allows the players to enjoy the realistic gameplay where they save their eggs from their enemies. The sound during all this gameplay makes it more attractive.

Installation Guide

If you want to install Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk, then follow the given guidelines.

  • First of all, click on the download button that is given at the top of the page.
  • Wait for a few seconds on the download page, so that your download link can appear here.
  • Download the modded angry birds star wars 2 apk from the link.
  • Open the downloaded file and allow the required permissions.


How I can save my progress in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Apk?

You can connect any social media account with the game. In this way, your progress will be saved and you can start playing from any device without being worried about losing your progress.

How I can cheat in angry birds star wars 2 apk?

For this purpose, you need to download our angry birds star wars 2 hacked apk that gives you unlimited money and many more required features.


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Mod Apk is a must-be-having game for arcade games lovers. This game is not only free but also contains a number of features that make it to best to play. You will enjoy everything unlimited without purchasing anything from the game store.

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