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So, we are back with another action fighting game that is suitable for android if you love action games. In archero apk, you have to take handle an archer that is given to you. The major difficulty you will face while passing through the different levels because each level has more powerful enemies. Archero mod apk will make the victory easy because you will get unlimited money and gems that you will utilize for upgrading your equipment like weapons.

The game has beautiful game play and good controls that make it easy to play even if you are a newbie. The upgraded weapons and character performs well in the fights so you should also keep updating your weapons and character. You will also earn coins upon your victory. But these coins are not sufficient for you. So, download archero mod apk for android and enjoy!

Archero APK Mod Features

Our archero hack apk comes with different mod features that will make your victory easy. These mod features are listed below.

Unlimited Gems

Archero mod gem feature gives you unlimited gems that you can utilize in this game. These gems are necessary for archero upgrades. You may need to upgrade different weapons, energy, etc. But the original version of this game gives you limited gems. When you pass a level, you get some gems but these are very few.

We know the importance of gems that’s why we are giving you unlimited gems. This will make the game more enjoyable.

God Mode

Do you want to become the god of this game? Here is the god mode feature of archero game that will make give you the god power. With this mod you will get one hit kill power that can be utilized to kill any of your enemies. No one will be able to defeat you because you are playing as the god of archero apk.

Your enemies will not be able to damage you. On the other hand, you will have a high damage ability that can easily kill your enemies.

New Monsters

The game has a huge number of monsters. These monsters are your enemies. At each level of the game, you will face a new monster with more powers. Each monster has its own unique powers so you will need to use updated weapons for each monster.

These monsters can have a different way of attack. Some may damage you by touching your character while the other may throw a bow on your character. The obstacles can be used to secure your character. The monsters can attack you from any side so you must have a good fighting strategy and updated weapons.

Unlimited Money

This is another important feature of archero apk mod. You will need money to unlock any talent that is given in this game. There are total of nine talents and each talent will cost 200 coins to be unlocked. No doubt, you will get the money by killing the monsters and winning the fights but this will take a lot of time. With this unlimited money feature, you will be able to do unlock any talent or upgrade your character, etc.

All Weapons Unlocked

In our archero hacked apk, you will get all the weapons unlocked. Weapons are the major interest of any fighter. As you are a fighter in this game, you have to fight with different monsters. You must have powerful weapons. A weapon with the ability of higher damage can increase your winning chances. You will get the powerful arc unlocked weapons that have the ability to kill the powerful monster in ten to twelve seconds.


The gameplay of this game is very interesting. In this game, you have to fight with the monsters as you do in dragon city mod apk. This fight is not so easy especially if you are a newbie. The monsters are huge in numbers so you need full courage and powerful strategies to fight all of them. You also have to use the updated weapons to fight with these monsters because after each level you need to face a more powerful monster. Also show your courage in Ninja Arashi Mod Apk.

Archero mod money feature will provide you limitless money that you can use for upgrading your weapons. Some of the important parts of gameplay are discussed below.

Arc Gamplay

Many Challenges

In each new level, you need to face a more powerful monster. The monster can appear from any side so you must have to be careful. For example, a monster can come from your left or right, etc. You should be an active player in this game to handle such situations.

To easily complete the levels, you can use our archero hacked apk that will help you in killing the monsters. Your damage power will be increased because of the high damage feature.

Arc Gameplay 3

Classify Monsters

There are thousands of monsters in this game. The different monsters may have different ways of attack. So, you cannot adopt the same way of attacking each monster. You must have to classify the monsters according to their attacking style and then make a fighting strategy for each monster class.

When you know the fighting style of your enemy then you can easily handle that fight. You can avoid the bullets and find a safe location from where you can easily do the attack.

Archero Upgrades

You can buy the weapons and different skins with the money that you will get after killing the monsters. You can also make your character and weapons more powerful by upgrading them. The money will be used for upgrading any item.

When you upgrade your bow and arrow, it can cause more damage because in the start it only shoots one arrow at a time but after the upgrade, it will have the capability to shoot seven arrows at a time. The game also provides different skills for the players that they can choose according to their character and weapon.

Arc Weaopon Upgrades

Impressive Graphics

The game has very beautiful graphics that help you in playing the game for hours without getting bored. The graphics are of 3D quality with perfect color combinations. Each new level has a different environment and different map that gives you a new look at the game.

Archero Cheats and Tips

Below are some tips that you can follow to make your victory easier.

  • Secure yourself from enemies and quickly attack them
  • Take the correct decision of using your abilities
  • Utilize your coins on perfect upgrades
  • Collect rewards on the right time
  • Always keep your equipment upgraded
  • Watch ads to get free energy

Installation Guide

  • Install Archero mod apk on your android by following these simple steps.
  • First click on the download button, to go to the download page.
  • Wait for few seconds to get the download link for the mod file and OBB file.
  • Download both files and then open the mod file and begin the installation.
  • After the installation, extract the OBB file and then place the OBB file in /SDCARD/Android/obb.

Now open the game and start your fight.


Here are the frequently asked questions of our users.

How to get a hack version of archero apk?

You can download its hacked version from our site.

Is this the latest version of archero apk?

Yes, we always share the latest version with our respected users.


Archero mod apk is the best game for a game player who has enough courage to participate in the battles. The monsters make your role more challenging. You can upgrade your weapons and characters to easily kill the enemies. The modded version also gives you one-hit kill feature that is sufficient to kill any enemy. Also check Crime City Mod Apk.

What's new

- Normal Chapter 33 added - Aeon Temple
- Added new Weekly Quest feature
- Increased Coin and equipment gains in Hard Difficulty Normal Chapters
- New mode added to Ancient Maze – Misery
- Optimized Hero Patrol rewards - Increased equipment, gems and other items
- Optimized Hero Duo – Reduced stage count, improved rewards
- Other performance optimization changes and bug fixes



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