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Are you brave enough to fight with the gangsters who are ready to kill you? In rope frog ninja mod apk, you have to play the challenging role of a legendary hero who is responsible to clean the city from gangsters. There are a lot of criminals who are disturbing the balance of your city.

The game is full of action and difficult scenarios. The gangsters are large in numbers and can easily kill you if you are a newbie. Rope frog ninja hero apk mod comes with a number of features that help you in your victory. You will be able to easily clear the city from these criminals. After that, you will be the person who is going to rule the city.

You can use various kinds of weapons while fighting with the gangs. The other special thing is your superpowers. The game gives you a superpower in the form of an eye laser. There are the vehicles like motorbikes and cars on the streets. You can utilize these to move around the city to easily find the gangsters. It is also your responsibility to secure the citizens from these criminals.

Mod Features

Ninja rope game is very similar to the other superhero games like spiderman or GTA. Your hero in this game will look like a spiderman who can climb on the buildings and can shoot the laser beam from his eyes. But there are some mod features of ninja heroes mod apk that makes the game more easy and interesting.

  • Unlimited Money
  • High Damage
  • Unlocked Weapons
  • No Ads

Unlimited Money

Money is a very important part of this game. You need the money or coins to buy different things from the store. You can only upgrade your weapons with the help of money. The weapons that are upgraded can help you in fighting with the powerful gangsters. Download rope hero mod apk to get unlimited money that can utilize without being worried.

High Damage

Ninja heroes hack apk gives you a number of features and of those features is the higher damage. With every passing time, you will face a new and powerful enemy. In this case, you need to do more damage to kill that enemy quickly.

Unlocked Weapons

The game has a variety of weapons but these weapons are paid and costs higher prices. The powerful weapons can help you in fighting with powerful opponents. Your frog hero needs these weapons to kill the gangsters that are difficult to be killed with normal weapons. Rope ninja hacked apk comes with all the weapons unlocked.

No Ads

The ads during the game are very annoying. You may want the gameplay that has no ads. But this is not possible with the original version. This unlocked frog man game allows you to enjoy the game without watching any kind of ads.


This is one of the ninja spiderman games in which you are free to perform any type of action that you love. You can climb on the buildings, can move around the city, and you can also perform different kinds of stunts. You will love the gameplay of this game.

The gameplay of Rope frog ninja hero – strange gangster vegas is based on the story of a superhero that is known as ninja frog. You are responsible to fight with all the gangsters to clean the city from these criminals. You will be the king of the city after killing all of your enemies. Also, try Frag Pro Shooter game.

Rope Frog Gameplay


You are a masked hero in this game who has to fulfill different missions. The purpose of these missions is to kill the gangster, mafia, and every kind of criminal that is harmful to the city. Rope frog ninja hero new update has made the city larger so you need to quickly move around the city to fulfill the missions.

Amazing Graphics

Ninja rope game has beautiful graphics that you will surely love. Because of its 3D graphics, the buildings look real. You will also enjoy the stunts that you will perform such as swinging and climbing on high buildings.

Super Powers

In rope frog ninja hero mod apk, you get superpowers that help you to perform the role of a real hero. With these superpowers, you can kill the enemies who are disturbing the citizens of your city. The laser beam is one of the best superpowers that you can use against these bad guys.

Rope Frog Building Climb


The controls of this game are simple and easy. You can easily control your hero even if you are a newbie. There is a pad given on the left side that you can utilize to control your character. A button is given on the right side to control the superpowers of your hero.


Rope ninja game provides you a map that can help you to easily keep an eye on the different parts of the city. You can also the progress of your missions and can navigate to the different parts where enemies are waiting for you.

Rope Frog Map

Variety of Vehicles

As the city is vast enough, so you need vehicles to quickly move to the different parts of the city. For this purpose, the game ninja frog game gives you different kinds of vehicles standing on the different streets. These vehicles include different cars, motorcycles, etc.

Installation Guide

You don’t need to be worried about the installation process. You can easily install rope frog ninja hero mod apk on android by following the below-given steps.

  • First of all, click on the download button.
  • After that, wait on the download page for the download link.
  • Once the link appears, start the downloading.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions.


Can I play Rope frog ninja hero offline?

Yes, you can enjoy this game in offline mode.

How to get unlimited money in rope frog ninja hero apk?

You need to download its modded version from our site to get this feature.


Rope frog ninja hero mod apk – strange gangster vegas, is an interesting action game. You can move around different streets and kill the enemies to complete the missions. There are different rewards for you on mission completion. Just download the game from apksforyou and start the fun!

What's new

-Fixed bug with spawning vehicles
-New UnderWater Effects
-Camera Image Effects
-Vehicle explosion effects



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